Self Erecting Cranes

JCrane Self Erect CranesRental

Self erecting cranes are wireless remote controlled and set up on outriggers with wood mats similar to a mobile crane. They are electric powered, either by one of our generators or existing site power. We can orientate your operator or provide an operator for your project.

The self erecting crane concept is fast becoming a staple of North American construction and renovation projects. Construction management firms, general contractors, restoration companies, millwrights, masons, framers, roofers, etc. are using self-erecting cranes to increase their efficiency and reduce material handling costs and labor on a myriad of projects from new construction and renovation to industrial plant and grain elevator applications.

Many people are unfamiliar with self-erecting cranes and we like to talk about them, so don’t hesitate to send an email or give us a call. Whether you’re interested in feasibility on a specific project or just want more info on the concept, let us know.